dance dance

Dance activities are trained by a trained Choreographer Mr. Junaid Ahmad. The timing of dancing session is three hours in a week. Children enjoy these sessions immensely and actively participate in to the activities. Dance activities help the children to gain a better posture, balance and coordination. Simply bodily movements and group activities that help the children to gain immense confidence which is evident in the public performance, the students participate.

music music

Music training given by a trained musician Mr. Vikas Pandey. Music is an important part of the child care curriculum. Young children love sound. Music activities and experiences help children to develop the skills such as thinking, language, motor coordination, concentration understanding and emotions. The timing of the music session is three hours in a week.

Art & Craft Art & Craft
Art & Craft

Art & craft activities bring creativity, eye contact development, motor coordination and boost self-esteem. It gives children with special needs a chance to shine.

Yoga Yoga

Yoga therapy can provide crucial support to the children with special needs. It helps to change the behavioural problems, develop proper eye contact, strength, flexibility, balance and self-regulation and are all improved through yoga, making it an ideal practice for children on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, sensory processing and emotional/behavioural disorders, and other exceptionalities. The timing of yoga session is one hour in a day.