Mrs. Kusum Kamal - Director

Parvarish (NGO), Parvarish School

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Director of Parvarish. It is my passion and all the time I enjoy the company of my angels.

The Annual report is the important opportunity to reflect our school progress and achievements. It is a chance to communicate the success and achievements of our special angels not only within the school but also to a wide audience.

It highlights the excellent opportunity that school has to offer and show cases the wider range of creative activities available to our special angels. Along with the academic studies our special angels are encouraged in Games, Yoga, Athletics, Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Vocational Activities. These make the schooling interesting and worth remembering.

The school magazine is the window to the activities of our school. Our main aim is to provide quality education, better social environment, and a life full of positivity and happiness to our special angels. We wish that school will succeed in all of its future endeavors.